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  • Dive Aur

    PulauAur or the AurIsland, as more commonly known by the locals, is a part of the Johor Marine Park in the east of Mersing, Johor, Malaysia. This is a very popular dive site that is frequented by tourists that visit Malaysia. The many corals, offshore pools and beautiful lagoons are just a few of its many attractions that make tourists flock to the PulauAurIsland. The crystal clear waters and excellent visibility make for an exciting dive location as many of the underwater marine life may be witnessed vividly at the ocean depths.

    The best attraction here for divers however, is not just the beautiful marine wildlife that is unique to the area, but the vast shipwrecks that have made their final resting grounds at the bottom of the ocean. The island used to witness plenty of conflicts and wars that resulted in man sunken ships and battle remnants that now rest underwater. These are what make the area such an attraction. Divers are pulled back in time as they view and witness these vast structures, underwater, therefore depicting the slow memory of grandeur when they once sailed atop the ocean waters. The historical sites of underwater wrecks include the Chinese junk ships, old merchant trading boats, sailboats and other water vessels of fishermen and ancient traders.

  • Best Time to Dive

    Water visibility is at its best between April and October, and the sea waves, currents and tides are calmer as well during this season. The weekends at PulauAur are most hectic since because of the popularity of the dive site, many Singaporeans visit it during their time off on weekends and holidays. If you are not bothered with the crowds then you can travel to PulauAur on the weekends, otherwise the area is practically yours on the Weekdays.

  • Getting There and Around

    Getting to the island is no easy task as you will have to take boat rides from the mainland to get you there. These boats may not always be available when you need them to be, that is why most divers that wish to venture here, arrange with the dive operators though they mostly place their schedules on weekends. The island is reached by divers via the chartered boats that depart from Singapore or Mersing. From Mersing you can take the Mersing Jetty or Sedili fishing port and get to PulauAur which is 70 kilometers away. The slow boat ride may take around 4 hours, yet speedboats are also available at an added cost.

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